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Winter 2018

EDU620 Mentoring in Action: Becoming a Qualified Mentor and Teacher Leader (3 graduate credits) 
January 19–May 14, 2018; online
Graduate preparation for mentors in training or current mentors who want to refresh and update their skills. In this one-semester course, you will learn how to mindfully mentor, align conversations to educator evaluation, develop a district plan, and differentiate mentoring conversations to meet the varied needs of novice teachers in your district.  

Seven online modules include: 

  • What Does A Mentor Need to Know and Be Able to Do?
  • Mentoring in Action: Meeting the Needs of Novice Teachers
  • The First Three Years Matter!
  • Effective Mentoring Conversations
  • Integrating Student Perspectives into Teaching Practices
  • Mindful Mentoring
  • Leadership for Sustainable Mentoring

Course cost: $595 includes graduate credits and 67.5 PDPs. Does not include required texts.
Registration deadline: January 17, 2018 
Questions: All course questions can be directed to Karen Gannon at Mentoring in Action: .

EDU646 Mindful Teaching: Refining Your Practice to Inspire Learning ( 3 graduate credits)
January 5 - June 15, 2018
This course includes five online modules 1) Mindful Teaching, 2) Inspired Lessons, 3) Student Perspectives, 4) Being Engaged, and 5) Professional Learning.  Mindfulness practices will be introduced in Module 1 and reinforced in all modules.  Modules 2-5 are aligned with the Standards for Effective Teaching Practices (DESE) and the Educator Evaluation Rubric. Modules will include videos, readings, mindful meditations, application of strategies into the classroom context, and end of module reflections.  A focus on sharing what worked and what could be done differently in the future is emphasized.  One optional face-to-face meeting of the course participants is encouraged.
Outcomes for this course are improved proficiency on the Educator Evaluation, evidence for SMART Goals, and practical strategies for self-care using SEL and mindfulness.

Course cost:  $595 includes all fees, an online mentor, 3 graduate credits (67.5 PDPs) from Gordon College.
Registration deadline: January 3, 2018
Questions: All course questions can be directed to Karen Gannon at Mentoring in Action: .


EDU706 Leaders in Action:  Using 20/20 Vision to Support Our Novice Teachers (3 graduate credits) 
February 2 - June 29, 2018
This online course includes three modules, a clinical experience, and a face-to-face retreat at the end of the course. A 20/20 Vision for how mentoring programs within school districts is explored through module content and coaching conversations. Coaching sessions with the course instructor, a course partner, and an extraordinary coach are required.

Module topics include:

  • Mindfulness
  • Leadership
  • Taking Action

Course cost: $595 includes graduate credits and 67.5 PDPs. 
Registration deadline: January 31, 2018 by application only.
Prerequisite:  EDU620, EDU716 or permission of the instructor.
Applications are available for this winter course which begins February 2, 2018. Contact for more information about this cohort and to receive an application.
Questions: All course questions can be directed to Karen Gannon at Mentoring in Action: .


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