Gordon Global Internships FAQs

Where are these global internship opportunities?
These internship opportunities will be located around the world, including parts of the United States, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

What types of organizations provide these internships?
Hosting organizations include major corporations, global churches and non-profit organizations as well as placement agencies that run summer internship programs.

What is the nature of work interns will be performing at these organizations?
Both Gordon and its partners in this program intend to provide a rich learning experience for Gordon students interning at the hosting organizations. Depending on the needs of the organizations, internship opportunities cover a wide range of areas, e.g. accounting, arts, business operations, church ministries (children, youth, local outreach, benevolence, small groups), communications, editorial, education, finance, health care, hospitality, IT, marketing, social media, tourism, video production, visual arts, worship and others.

Will I get paid for the internship?
Generally, these are unpaid internships. In fact, in addition to time, applicants need to be aware that they will have to pay for the costs of the internships. However, some organizations may pay small stipends to the interns to offset their living expense during the internship period.

How much will I have to pay if I am selected?
All interns are responsible for covering their travel expenses, visa application fees, if needed, housing, food and transportation expenses. The amount varies, depending on the locations of the internships and local costs of living (room and board as well as transportation). For instance, including airfare, certain internships in Beijing, China will cost about US $3,500 while an internship in the United States will cost a lot less. Obviously, there are substantial cross-cultural benefits from internships overseas that may justify students’ significantly higher investments.

Will there be any financial assistance provided by the College?
This year, the College has obtained a limited amount of donor funds to provide partial need-based scholarships for certain students who are compelling candidates. However, amounts of aid will only offset a portion of the candidates’ costs.

Who can apply? Can I apply if I study at Gordon on a student visa?
Gordon recognizes the importance of internship experience to all our students for their development, regardless of their years and disciplines of study. Some organizations only accept applicants in their junior/senior years, others also have GPA requirements (e.g. above 3.0) while others do not. Thus, Gordon encourages all students who have a heart to serve and learn, have reasonably good GPA's and the ability to financially support their internships to apply.

Due to the ways organizations classify their internships and various work restrictions on foreign nationals in different countries, certain organizations have specified that they will accept only applicants who are citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. In those cases, selected candidates who do not have the requisite documents will be placed in organizations which do not have such restrictions.

Does this program allow me to choose specific organizations in Gordon’s portfolio of hosting partners for my internship?
No. Students will need to apply to these global internship opportunities through Gordon as the College has worked to partner with the hosting organizations and present eligible candidates to them.

How does the process work?
Interested students should follow the steps on the Application page and submit the electronic application form found there. The form must be filled out and submitted by November 15, 2013 for internships.

A Selection Committee will review applications and identify those it considers especially promising. From that group, academic department chairs and other Gordon staff members will recommend candidates for interviews by the Selection Committee.

Depending on the candidates’ indicated interest, desired locations and abilities and the organizations’ needs, the Selection Committee will have discretion to match the candidates with the hosting organizations. They will be guided to apply to the organizations, which have their own screening and interviewing process. Acceptance by the hosting organizations will depend on the selected candidates’ responses on the organizations’ application forms and interviews conducted by the organizations.

If I am selected, will I be guaranteed an internship position?
No/Very likely. While Gordon’s Selection Committee works to present the best candidates to the hosting organizations, whether Gordon’s candidates will be accepted by those organizations depends on how they perform throughout the organizations’ screening process and how much competition there will be for internship opportunities at those organizations. However, as Gordon’s candidates have already gone through a rigorous vetting process, the probability of their being accepted by the hosting organizations is quite high.

In addition, as Gordon continues to develop internship opportunities for our students, eligible candidates who do not get into currently available internships may be considered for opportunities available in the future. Career Services can assist students to explore other internship opportunities.

If I get an internship this year, can I reapply next year?
Yes. Gordon acknowledges the importance of students building on their internship experience throughout their college lives to prepare them for full-time employment upon graduation. Gordon also recognizes the need to provide opportunities to those who missed out previously. The Selection Committee will balance these considerations so that the best candidates will be presented to the hosting organizations. The College’s goal is to develop outstanding interns for our internship-sponsoring partners so that they will open up more opportunities for our students.

Will I be able to get credit for my internship?
Internships for the summer of 2014 are not expected to be credit-bearing. However, if the selected candidates can work with their Departments to arrange for award of college credits upon payment of tuition and successful completion of the internship, they may earn credits toward their graduation requirement.

Can I get global education credit for one of these internships if they are not for credit?
Not at this point. The College will explore this notion to determine the feasibility of awarding global education credit in the future.

Who will supervise my internship?
Those hosting organizations which have structured credit-bearing internship programs will have supervisors who work with Gordon’s faculty to ensure that Gordon interns will have appropriate learning and service experiences to earn the credits provided by the internship programs. Gordon’s Director of Global Partnerships will work with supervisors of various non-credit-bearing internship programs to ensure that Gordon interns have a productive and enriching learning and working experience for their investments of time and resources.