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480 faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends rallied together to raise over $58,700 for the Student Assistance Fund and other designated funds close to their hearts.

Thank you

Laura Carmer

“When bright and committed Gordon students have to leave due to financial struggles, we are often losing some of the very students who most value the type of education we offer.”

Laura Carmer

Director of Student Care for Global Education

Dorothy Boorse

“I want the students of today to be the ones leading the world of 2050, fully prepared by what we are doing together here.”

Dorothy Boorse '87

Professor of Biology

Jamie Hillman

“We are here for the students—not just to teach them but to listen and to grow together.”

Jamie Hillman

Assistant Professor of Music

Each gift counts because each student counts


We have 1,694 reasons for everything we do at Gordon. 
Because Gordon exists for students—each one of them.

Your Giving Tuesday gift goes directly to the Student Assistance Fund, which provides vital aide to students at risk of leaving Gordon due to a change in their financial situation. When life emergencies happen for students, your gift helps make ends meet.

This #givingtuesday, let’s help each other. 
Because #each1counts.