Mike Givens Testimonials

Michael W. Givens, Ph.D.
Years at Gordon: 1979-present

Rebecca (Scott) van Vliet, class of 2004
I will always remember Dr. Givens' excitement and enthusiasm for teaching motor control. His love for learning is inspiring and infectious.

Christy (Goggin) Reed, class of 2004
Dr. Givens became a second dad to me while I was at Gordon. He not only taught me academics (which he did very well) but encouraged me to explore my faith and helped guide me to place where I can explore science and God as one. Conversations with Dr. Givens spurred me to read about and further understand the God who created and sustains the universe. Now, I am at a secular university with many students and faculty who do not understand how a scientist can also be a Christian and I have the tools I need to discuss my own journey and bring light to theirs. Dr. Givens played a huge role in leading me to this place.

Jess Kinzie,
class of 2004
During my senior year I was really stressed out with everything that was due for school and all the other stresses of life and I just couldn't make it to one of Dr. Givens' classes. I e-mailed him to let him know I would be absent and I felt comfortable enough to be honest and say I was really stressed out. Dr. Given's e-mailed me back to let me know that I could always come to him and chat, no matter what the topic. He let me know his door would always be open and that he was praying for me. That meant so much that he cared about who I was as a person and not just who I was as a student. Thank you Dr. Givens for caring for your students!