Gordon In Lynn
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GIL Mission

The OCE's mission is to develop faithful and reflective student leaders, through guided civic engagement within mutually beneficial partnerships, journeying together in hope to foster healthy community.

Gordon in Lynn builds on the assets in Lynn by operating through the leadership of community organizations, schools and social service agencies. Gordon students engage the city of Lynn by learning from community leaders and members while actively participating with them in the process of realizing their vision for the city.

Gordon in Lynn is committed to:

  1. Helping students respect and learn to love people across racial, economic, sexual, religious and ethnic barriers within a spirit of mutuality and reciprocity.
  2. Helping students be exposed to, and begin to reflect upon, larger structural injustices within an urban context (both locally and globally).
  3. Helping students integrate their faith into all of their lifestyle decisions--whole-life stewardship--and become more fully engaged in a life-long vocation of shalom-building.