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Urban Studies

This minor emphasis is pending approval at Gordon College. The following represents the program's trajectory of study in an urban emphasis. Gordon students interested in pursuing a minor in Urban Studies should contact the director.

Some Suggested Prerequsite Courses 

  • COM248: Intercultural Communication
  • POL312: Justice
  • SOC221: Power, Prestige and Poverty
  • SOC232: Diversity in US Populations
  • SOC290: Urban Sociology

 Courses Available During the Gordon IN Boston Semester Program:

  • BOS301: Seminar in Urban Systems (4)
  • BOS425: Urban Internship (6)
  • Transfer credits selected from the following:
    • Harvard Extension:
      • HSCI E-122: Justice in Health
      • GOVT E-1048: Human Rights and International Politics
      • GOVT E-1733: Globalization and US National Security
      • ANTH E-1660: Anthropology and Human Rights
      • PHIL E-160: Philosophical Problems of Economic Justice
    • Boston University Metropolitan College:
      • UA503: Housing and Community Development
      • UA507: Law and Justice in the City
      • UA510: Selected Topics in Urban Affairs
      • UA515: History and Theory of Urban Planning
      • UA521: Environmental Law
      • UA560: City in the Media
      • UA560: International Comparative Urbanization and Planning


The director will work with the individual student to choose an urban studies internship appropriate to their principal area of interest. The program has established a variety of placement possibilities, including a number of possibilities in the areas of government, law, politics, health, and community development. Students should plan to work a minimum of 15-20 hours per week for the duration of the semester. Every placement will have a specific supervisor and stated goals for the work engaged. The BOS301: Seminar in Urban Systems course will serve as a weekly reporting and trouble-shooting requirement for the student.