Urban Ministry Track

Gordon students majoring in Christian Ministries and who are interested in completing the Urban Ministries track are required to spend one semester in the Gordon IN Boston program.

Prerequistes: (or advisor's approval to waive)

  • BCM206: Foundations of Urban Ministry (4)-- Spring semester only
  • BCM253: Leadership Theories and Practice (4)
  • BCM260: Christian Formation and Culture (4)

(NOTE: Non-Gordon students may be admitted to this track with the approval of their home advisor)

Courses Taken While On The GIB Semester:

  • BOS301: Seminar in Urban Systems (4)
  • BOS425: Urban Ministry Internship (4-6) or BCM425/6--Practicum Option
  • Two of the following:
    • BCM/BOS326: Church in the City (4)
    • Ethnic Identities and Reconcilliation—taught at the CUME campus (3)
    • (suggested) Boston University Metropolitan College: (choose one–4 transfer credits)
      • UA503: Housing and Community Development
      • UA507: Law and Justice in the City
      • UA515: History and Theory of Urban Planning
      • UA560: City in the Media
      • UA590: International Comparative Urbanization and Planning


The director will work with the individual student to choose a ministry internship appropriate to their principal area of interest.  This may be one the of many urban churches in the city, or a para-church ministry to homeless, youth ministry, youth violence mitigation, Christian community development, pregnancy counseling, immigration, age-group ministries, or others.  Students should plan to work a minimum of 12-15 hours per week for the duration of the semester.  Every placement will have a specific supervisor and stated goals for the work engaged. The BOS301: Seminar in Urban Systems course will serve as a weekly reporting and trouble-shooting requirement for the student.


Students will normally be housed at the program's intentional Christian community site. However, under approved circumstances, students may choose to live in housing provided by the local church sponsoring the student's internship, or (if the student's home is in the Boston area) at home.