Social Work Track

Students completing a major in Social Work often find their careers in the city centers of the world. The Gordon IN Boston program can help prepare these majors for engaging diversity and political/organizational systems. Social Work majors may engage the Gordon IN Boston program on one of two levels, as follows:

Pre-practicum Internship:

As a way to "test out" the practice of social work in the city, students may participate in the Gordon IN Boston coursework and engage in a 4-6 credit internship with an agency before committing to a full practicum experience.  In this case, the student's schedule would be as follows:

  • Required courses:
    • BOS301: Seminar in Urban Systems (4)
    • BOS425: Urban Internship (4-6)
    • In consultation with the director and the student's advisor, an additional 6-8 credits would be chosen from offerings through the Gordon IN Boston program or from one of several colleges/universities offering courses in the Boston area (Harvard, UMass, Eastern Nazarene College, Boston University, etc).

Practicum Requirement:

Social Work majors who wish to complete their major practicum requirement through the Gordon IN Boston program may do so as space is available. In addition to the practicum requirement of 12 credit hours (SWK425/426) and the required 2-credit Practicum Seminar (SWK420)—both requirements supervised directly by the Social Work department—the student's only Gordon IN Boston requirement will be to participate in the BOS301: Seminar in Urban Systems (special 2-credit option).

Social Work majors are encouraged to speak to their academic advisor early in the planning process about what option would best accommodate their career interests.