Professional Intern Track

The Gordon IN Boston program is a perfect way to experience the complex systems of the city while gaining professional experience in the world of work.  Internships are an absolute necessity for advancement in many fields and connecting with one in the city of Boston can be the launching point for a career in your chosen field. Qualified students from any major are welcome to apply.  The program provides a good deal of flexibility in curricular choices and in the internship concentration.

The following parameters serve as a curriculum guide, but feel free to discuss special interests or circumstances with the program director and your advisor.

Required Courses:

  • BOS301: Seminar in Urban Systems (4)
  • BOS (or major designation) 425: Internship (4-8)

Flexible Choices: (18 credits maximum for the semester)

  • BOS215: Arts in the City (4)
  • BCM308: Christian Theology (4)
  • BOS/BCM326: Church in the City (4)
  • Occasional urban-themed courses are offered by the program (See Academics page for specific offerings)
  • One transfer course at a participating Boston-area college/university may be included in the cost of the semester: (See options on Academics page)
  • Students may arrange to complete a course on-line, either through Gordon College or through an approved provider.
  • Students may provide their own transportation back to the Gordon College campus to participate in a regularly scheduled semester course.