Just for Visiting Students

What kind of programs does Gordon offer?
At Gordon, we work really hard to get our students off-campus. (Come to Gordon! Now, go away!) But for us, the point of off-campus programs isn’t “trips” or “travel.” That’s what vacations are for. For us the point is serious, intentional engagement across cultures—from cultures in our own “backyard” like Boston, Massachusetts to cultures that challenge our understanding of contemporary culture like Orvieto, Italy. We take the model of citizen-sojourners seriously.

To that end we offer a variety of study abroad programs that are open to applications from non-Gordon students from semester-long programs to international seminars that range from 3–6 weeks.

So, here’s your invitation. Invest a semester in an intentional semester off-campus and be inspired to see, think, and live differently.



Why should I come to Gordon?
Well, why in the dickens wouldn’t you? I mean really. Ask a silly question get a silly answer.

Seriously, Gordon semester-long programs offer students cross-cultural opportunities to invest themselves in intentional learning communities in inviting and challenging settings from the inner city of Boston to a hill-top city in Italy. In these programs students receive skills, academic training, and a model of cross-cultural engagement that will, we hope, transform how they look at and live in the world.

Gordon works hard to coordinate with and support the academic commitment of its sister colleges in the CCC and CCCU.

What is the cost?

As a general rule, semester study abroad cost the same as a semester on Gordon's campus: tuition, room, and board. Lab/travel fees apply with some programs. Students should see their off-campus programs office regarding the cost of studying abroad. Scholarships may be available from the Global Education Office. Additionally, partnership arrangements may be available with your institution, which may significantly lower the costs.

International seminars vary in cost. Seminar fees cover tuition, airfare, and ground transportation related to program accommodation, two meals a day, program fees, and course materials. Airfare, number of credits per course, accommodation expense, and currency fluctuations cause the cost to vary.

How do I apply?
For semester programs, all applicants must submit:

  • An online application (available on program page)
  • Two recommendations (one faculty and one student affairs)
  • A CSD Disciplinary form
  • A transcript
  • $30 application fee

For Fall semester programs, these materials are due by March 30. For Spring semester programs, these materials are due by October 15.

To apply, go to the program’s home page and click on the link for application at left.

Gordon IN Aix

Gordon IN Boston
Gordon IN Orvieto
Balkans Semester

Want to talk to someone about a program or have a question? Call 978.867.4399 or email

For International Seminars, all applicants must submit the following (some applications require addition materials):

  • An online application
  • Faculty reference
  • Application fee $30 (program deposit of $450 required upon acceptance)
  • Transcript

Have questions about a particular seminar? Interested students should contact the seminar instructor about their interest (go to seminar homepage and scroll down to CONTACTS. Then call 978.867.4399 or email

What is expected of me?
Participants in Gordon-IN programs are expected to be members of good standing at their home college/university and to be able to agree to the College’s statement of faith and code of conduct. The College reserves the right to dismiss any student who violates expectations of conduct, scholarship, or the laws of the host country.  See the Statement of Life and Conduct on the links to the left.

Who should I talk to on my campus about studying abroad with Gordon?
The first person to talk to is your major advisor. Talk with them about the courses your interested in, how they fit with your major, and what it would mean for you to be off-campus for a semester.

Then, go to your campus’ Global Education or Off-Campus Programs office:

Azusa Pacific University (Center for Global Learning and Engagement): 626.857.2440,
Houghton College (Off-Campus Programs): 585.567.9634,
Messiah College (Intercultural Office): 717.766.2511 x 2131,
Taylor University (Off Campus Study Programs): 765.998.5106,
Westmont College (Off-Campus Programs): 805.565.6009,
Wheaton College (Career Services): 630.752.5048,

If your college isn’t listed here, don’t despair! Find your off-programs office or go see your Registrar about studying at Gordon.