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International Seminar and Summer Programs

Students interested in short-term international study opportunities are encouraged to explore Gordon's upcoming international seminars, which run in January, May and throughout the summer. Some seminars are offered annually, some bi-annually. Check out the program pages for details!

WINTER International Seminars 2019

JAF291: International Seminar In Italy — December 2018–January 2019

Belize Kinesiology — January 3–14, 2019

SUMMER International Seminars 2018

Hong Kong Summer Finance Seminar  June–August 2018

Greece International Seminar — May–June 2019

British Theatre International Seminar  August 3–18, 2018

South Africa International Seminar — August 2018

Rwanda International Seminar  July 29–August 19, 2018




Youth Ministry Practicum (BCM425/426 Practicum in Christian Ministries I, II)


Internships around the Globe with Gordon