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Can I Study at Other Programs?

The education of globally minded and globally literate citizens constitutes one of the central values of Gordon College.

To that end, the Global Education Office works with faculty on campus, so that each department can assess and determine what it believes to be the critical elements of a "global education" for its majors. Qualifying students participating in departmentally-endorsed GEO programs can take their full internal scholarship aid with them for a semester's study off-campus.

As of Fall 2016 students who elect to choose a non-approved or "petition" program may take up to 25% tuition discount with them to a program that is approved through the petition process below.

Gordon College reserves the right to deny approval for student study that the dean of Global Education judges to be of inferior academic quality, or for which there are concerns for student safety. Petition programs must have a direct link to the student's academic program. For this reason, students must first fill out the online seat application below, and at the same time file a formal petition with the Global Education Office (you can download the petition form below). The deadline for filing both the seat application and the petition is March 1 for Fall semester programs and September 30 for Spring semester programs.  

Please Note: All students accepted to petition/non-approved programs will pay Gordon College tuition (no more than 25% of the tuition discount may apply to petition programs), room, board and fees. There is no airfare allowance for petition programs.

As with approved and Gordon programs, Gordon College will continue as the financial aid recipient for all federal and state aid for the student and for any loans negotiated by the student or the parent. Students should speak with their Gordon financial aid advisor early in the process.

Please stop by the Global Education Office (MacDonald 130) and then set up an appointment with your academic advisor.

The following are some of the foremost considerations in the evaluation of petition programs:

Transferability of credit from courses taken: Course credit must be granted from a recognized college or university, preferably from a US institutional connection, or accredited by US agencies. Major colleges or universities in other countries having the appropriate accreditation from their own internal systems will also be considered. Please be aware that the number of credits awarded by other national systems may vary from US standards and may need to be adjusted on the final transcript. This transferability should be worked out with the registrar well in advance of attendance.

Contribution to the student's curriculum and professional goals: Study abroad should not be primarily concerned with location and experience. (Vacations are better for that—and less expensive!) The quality of the educational experience (which includes cultural experience and enrichment) should be paramount. Have an academic reason for your choice and discuss this reason fully with your academic advisor.

Safety of the student: Programs located in areas of the world currently under State Department travel warnings will not normally be approved. Please check the State Department website for current information on the country in question.

Accommodation: Students should be aware of what is covered in program costs and what is not covered. Housing, some meal plan, and transportation to and from the country are normally areas of concern. Please investigate these areas in searching for an appropriate program and in understanding actual costs.


Students wishing to study abroad must first submit an online seat application and have an interview with the Global Education Office.

Online seat applications AND petition forms must be submitted and interviews completed by March 1.

After you've been approved by the Global Education Office, proceed directly with your program's application process. 

Online seat applications AND petition forms must be submitted and interviews completed by September 30.

After you've been approved by the Global Education Office, proceed directly with your program's application process. 


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