Past FSU Events

2012–2013 Series

September 13-14, 2012 | MICHAEL GERSON
Opinion Writer and Nationally Syndicated Columnist, Washington Post, and Former Speechwriter for George W. Bush
"Whose Respnosibility is Opportunity?"


September 23, 2012 | DAVID TAYLOR
Pastor, Artist and Author
“For the Beauty of the Church”

October 4, 2012 | CARLOS M.N. EIRE
Riggs Professor of History and Religious Studies, Yale University
"Did Miracles Ever Cease? The Reformation and the Supernatural"


October 25, 2012 | RUSSELL R. RENO
Editor, First Things
“Piety and the Life of the Mind”


November 29, 2012 | MASSIMO FAGGIOLI
Assistant Professor, University of St. Thomas
“Vatican II: Catholicism Then and Now”


February 14, 2013 | JENNIFER BRYSON
Director, Islam & Civil Society P 
“Human Evolution and Christian Ethics”

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February 21, 2013 | PATRICK SMITH
Assistant Professor of Theology and Philosophy, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
“Valuing Life at the End of Life”


Henry B. Wright Professor of Systematic Theology, Yale Divinity School; Founding Director, Yale Center for Faith and Culture
“Religious Violence: A Theological Response”

Victor S. Thomas Professor of Divinity, Harvard Divinity School
"Women and Islam Today"

2011–2012 Series

September 22–23, 2011 | NIGEL GOODWIN
Executive Director, Genesis Arts Trust
"Art, Faith and Culture"


November 3–4, 2011 | SCOT MCKNIGHT
Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies, North Park University
“The Gospel Jesus and the Apostles Preached”


Arthur Brooks: President, American Enterprise Institute
Jim Wallis: President and CEO, Sojourners


December 1–2, 2011 | GIDEON STRAUSS
President, Center for Public Justice
“The Welfare State Ideal and the Public Debt Reality”

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February 2–3, 2012 | BRAD WRIGHT
Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Connecticut
“The Media and Christianity”

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February 16, 2012 | STEPHEN POPE
Professor of Theology, Boston College
“Human Evolution and Christian Ethics”


March 1 and 6, 2012 | KARL GIBERSON
Physicist and Author
“The Language of Science and Faith”

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April 26, 2012 | CAROL ZALESKI
Professor of World Religions, Smith College
“The World to Come: The Afterlife in Christian Thought”


Keynote by D. Michael Lindsay
President, Gordon College

2010–2011 Series

September 9–10, 2010 | JODY HASSETT SANCHEZ
President, Pointy Shoe Productions
"Justice and the Global Slave Trade"

September 16, 2010 | GENZO YAMAMOTO
Assistant Professor of History, Wheaton College
"Western Modernity and its Global Discontents"

September 30, 2010 | JAMES DAVISON HUNTER
LaBrosse-Levinson Distinguished Professor of Religion, Culture and Social Theory, University of Virginia
"To Change the World"

October 21–22, 2010 | Post-Colonialism and Christianity
Mabiala Kenzo: Professor of Theology, Ambrose University College and Seminary
Brian McLaren: Author and pastor

November 11, 2010 | Theodicy, God and Suffering 
Dinesh D'Souza: Author and former White House policy analyst
Bart Ehrman: James A. Gray Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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November 18-19, 2010 | JENNIFER ROBACK MORSE
Founder and President, Ruth Institute
"Sexual Liberation and the Urban Poor"

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February 3-4, 2011 | RALPH WOOD
Professor of Theology and Literature, Baylor University
"Flannery O'Connor and the Comedy of Christian Formation"

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February 7, 2011 | TODD JOHNSON
Director, Center for the Study of Global Christianity, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
"World Christianity, 1910-2010"

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April 11, 2011 | ALAN JACOBS
Professor of English, Wheaton College
"The Future of the Book"

2009–2010 Series 

August 26, 2009 | KARIN COONROD
Lecturer, Yale University and Yale School of Drama, and Artistic Director, Compagnia de' Colombari
"Greek Chorus"

October 1-2, 2009 | The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, Fifteen Years Later
Mark Noll, Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History, University of Notre Dame

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October 22, 2009 | RABBI MICHAEL SAMUEL
Rabbi, Tri-City Jewish Center
"Jews, Christians and Modern Science"

November 9, 2009 | PETER BERGER
Professor Emeritus of Religion, Sociology and Theology, Boston University
"Religious America, Secular Europe"

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January 25, 2010 | MATHEW SCHMALZ
Associate Professor of Religious Studies, College of the Holy Cross
"Understanding Mormonism"

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March 23, 2010 | ANDREW BACEVICH
Professor of International Relations and History, Boston University
"Reinhold Niebuhr and American Foreign Policy"

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March 26, 2009 | ANDY CROUCH
Senior Editor, Christianity Today International
"Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling"

April 16, 2010 | Imago Dei: Human Dignity in Ecumenical Perspective

Dean and Professor of Patristics, St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary
"The Promise of the Image"

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William K. Warren Professor of Catholic Studies and Research Professor of Law, University of Tulsa
"Social Image and Likeness: A Disputed Issue in Catholic Theology"

Graves Professor of Moral Philosophy, Union University
“The Audacity of Imago Dei: The Legacy and Uncertain Future of Human Dignity”

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2008–2009 Series

August 28, 2008 | AHMET KURU
Assistant Director, Center for the Study of Democracy, Toleration, and Religion, Columbia University
"Western Secularism and the Middle East"

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September 15, 2008 | WENDY MURRAY
Author, A Mended and Broken Heart: The Life and Love of Francis of Assisi
"St. Francis and Evangelicals"

September 18–19, 2008 | WILFRED MCCLAY
SunTrust Bank Chair of Excellence in Humanities, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
"Revisiting the Idea of Progress: Butterfield, Dawson, and Niebuhr"

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September 27, 2008 | FRANCIS COLLINS
Director, National Human Genome Research Institute
"Genomics and the Human Condition"

October 2–3, 2008 | AMY SHERMAN
Senior Fellow, Sagamore Institute for Policy Research
"Poverty and the Stewardship of Power"

October 22-24 | OS GUINNESS
Author, The Case for Civility: And Why Our Future Depends on it
"On Globalization"

Feb 6, 2009 | DINESH D'SOUZA
Author, What's So Great about Christianity?
"Islam, Christianity, and the War on Terror"

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Feb 19–20, 2009 | WILLIAM EDGAR
Professor of Apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary
"The Threat of Culture"

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Author, The Illumined Heart: The Ancient Christian Path of Transformation
"Orthodoxy and Evangelical Renewal"

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April 16, 2009 | J. BUDZISZEWSKI
Professor of Political Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin
"Natural Law and Politics"

2007–2008 Series

September 14, 2007 | DAVID AIKMAN
Former Senior Correspondent, Time Magazine Associate Professor of History and Writer in Residence, Patrick Henry College
"Jesus in Beijing"

October 1, 2007 | DAVID BLANKENHORN
Founder and President of the Institute for American Values
"The Future of Marriage"

October 5, 2007 | CHRISTIAN SMITH
William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Sociology, University of Notre Dame
"Soul Searching"

November 2, 2007 | ANN BEZZERIDES
Director of Vocation and Ministry, Hellenic College
"Eastern Orthodoxy and Christian Vocation"

November 5, 2007 | TIMOTHY GEORGE
Dean and Professor of Divinity, Beeson Divinity School
"American Evangelicalism and Christian Unity" 

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January 31–February 1, 2008 | MAKOTO FUJIMURA
Founder and President, International Arts Movement
"The Creative Age in the Church"

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February 14–15, 2008 | DALLAS WILLARD
Professor of Philosophy, University of Southern California
"Faith, Virtue, and Knowledge"

2006–2007 Series

September 25, 2006 | Evangelicalism, Catholicism and the Future of Christian Learning
Mark Noll, Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History, University of Notre Dame
James Turner, Reverend John J. Cavanaugh C.S.C. Professor of Humanities, University of Notre Dame

September 28–29, 2006 | CORNEL WEST
Class of 1943 University Professor of Religion, Princeton University
"Christ in Contemporary Cultures: A Cultural Studies Conference"

November 5–6, 2006 | IMAM YAHYA HENDI
Muslim Chaplain, Georgetown University
"A Trialogue Among the Abrahamic Faiths"

November 14, 2006 | DANIEL MAHONEY
Professor of Politics, Assumption College
"Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Moral Vision"

Helen H.P. Manson Professor of New Testament, Princeton Theological Seminary
"Highly Favored: A Symposium on Mary across Christian Traditions"  

February 27, 2007 | WILLIAM STUNTZ
Henry J. Friendly Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
"Culture Wars and Legal Wars" 

March 21, 2007 | TRACY KIDDER
Author and Pulitzer Prize winner
"Mountains Beyond Mountains"

March 26, 2007 | JAMES KENNEDY
Professor of Contemporary History, Free University of Amsterdam
"Islam, Toleration, and the Future of Europe"

2005–2006 Series

September 16, 2005 | KENNETH ELZINGA
Robert C. Taylor Professor of Economics, University of Virginia
"Called to the Marketplace"

October 3, 2005 | THOMAS KIDD
Assistant Professor of History, Baylor University
"Islam in American Protestant Thought"

October 10-11, 2005 | JEANNE HEFFERNAN
Assistant Professor of Humanities, Villanova University
"What Does It Mean to Be Free? Reflections on Citizenship"

October 20-21, 2005 | PEGGY WEHMEYER
World Vision Reporter/Former ABC Religion Correpsondant
"The Global Church through the Eyes of a Journalist"

November 15-16, 2005 | DEBRA RIENSTRA
Associate Professor of English, Calvin Collge
"Pregnant with Meaning: Exploring a Theology of the Vocation of Motherhood"

March 23-24, 2006 | JOHN E. HARE
Noah Porter Professor of Philosophical Theology, Yale University
"Ethics with/without God"

April 5, 2006 | SUSANNAH HESCHEL
Eli Black Associate Professor of Jewish Studies, Dartmouth College
"My Father Abraham: Reflections on the Life and Thoughts of Abraham Joshua Heschel"

2004–2005 Series

October 4, 2004 | GILBERT MEILAENDER
Professor of Theology and Phyllis & Richard Duesenberg Chair in Christian Ethics, Valparaiso University
"Unbinding Prometheus: the Promises and Pitfalls of Biotechnology"

November 4, 2004 | JOHN WILSON
Editor, Books & Culture

Professor Emeritus Philosophy, Yale
"How My Mind has Changed: Thoughts on Christian Learning"

March 31-April 1, 2005 | PHILIP JENKINS
Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of History and Religious Studies, Pennsylvania State University
"Global Christianity and the Future of Liberal Arts Education"

April 4-6, 2005 | JEREMY BEGBIE
Thomas A. Langford Research Professor, Duke Divinity School
"Thinking Theologically Through the Arts"