Faith Seeking Understanding
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Faith Seeking Understanding Lecture Series

Fides quarens intellectum, faith seeking understanding, is a venerable phrase in the Christian intellectual tradition, associated especially with Augustine of Hippo (354–430), and Anselm of Canterbury (1033–1109).

It was chosen as our lecture series title because it suggests our view at Gordon College that faith should not be a matter of self-satisfied piety and isolation from the life of culture and intellect. Rather, we should be engaged in the great issues, ideas, and debates of our day.

The speakers we invite each year seek to nurture both faith and understanding and explore the relationship between the two.


10.20.2014 - Monday 8:00 AM — 6:00 PM

God, Globalization, and the Good Society In Asia Today
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God, Globalization, and the Good Society in Asia Today | A One-Conference at Gordon College

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"God, Globalization, and The Good Society In Asia Today"

A One-Conference at Gordon College—Monday October 20, 2014

Keynote Speaker—Brian Grim, President of the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation
Brian is a leading expert on international religious freedom and the socio-economic impact of restrictions on religious freedom, and an expert on international religious demography and religion-related violence. He is an associate scholar at the Religious Freedom Project of Georgetown University’s Berkeley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs, and an affiliated scholar at Boston University’s Institute on Culture, Religion & World Affairs. Prior to becoming the Foundation’s president in 2014, Brian directed the largest social science effort to collect and analyze global data on religion at the Pew Research Center, Washington DC’s premier “fact tank.” He also worked for two decades as an educator, researcher and development coordinator in the former Soviet Union, China, Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Brian holds a doctorate in sociology from the Pennsylvania State University. He is an author of "The Price of Freedom Denied" (Cambridge Univ. Press), considered the seminal work showing the dire consequences of denying religious freedom. He has written dozens of research articles and several academic books on global religion as well as being the author of the Weekly Number Blog. Brian has appeared as an expert on global religion on numerous media outlets, including CNN, BBC, Fox, CBS, C-SPAN, and regularly presents to high level audiences throughout the world including the White House, State Department, European Parliament and the UN Human Rights Council.

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11.13.2014 - Thursday 4:00 PM — 5:30 PM

Eleanor Stump Speaking at Gordon College
Eleanor Stump

Eleanor Stump on

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Eleanor Stump will speak on "The Nature of the Atonement" on Thursday, November 13.
She is the Robert J. Henle Professor of Philosophy at Saint Louis University, where she has taught since 1992. She has published extensively in philosophy of religion, contemporary metaphysics, and medieval philosophy. Her books include her major study Aquinas (Routledge, 2003) and her extensive treatment of the problem of evil, Wandering in Darkness: Narrative and the Problem of Suffering (Oxford, 2010). She has given the Gifford Lectures (Aberdeen, 2003), the Wilde lectures (Oxford, 2006), and the Stewart lectures (Princeton, 2009). She is past president of the Society of Christian Philosophers, the American Catholic Philosophical Association, and the American Philosophical Association, Central Division; and she is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Open to the public free of charge.

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02.26.2015 - Thursday 4:00 PM — 5:30 PM

Sindiso Mnisi Weeks | The Annual FRANZ Lecture
Sindiso Weeks

Sindiso Weeks | Women in Post-Apartheid South Africa

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Sindiso Mnisi Weeks is a Resident Scholar at the University of New Hampshire School of Law where she holds a fellowship for the completion of a book, Access to Justice? Dispute Management in Vernacular Forums in Rural KwaZulu-Natal. Until December 2013, she was a senior researcher in the Centre for Law and Society at the University of Cape Town (UCT), where she had worked on the Rural Women's Action-Research program—combining research and policy work on women, property and governing authority under indigenous law—since 2009. She also taught African Customary Law as an advanced Assistant Professor in UCT's Department of Private Law in 2011 and 2012. Dr. Weeks has published in academic and popular media on indigenous law, women’s rights, cultural rights, governance, participatory democracy, dispute management and the South African Constitution. She holds a doctorate in Law from the University of Oxford where, as a Rhodes Scholar, she researched the tensions between living customary law(s) and South African state law. Prior to Oxford, she clerked for the Deputy Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, Dikgang Moseneke. She is a graduate of UCT from which she obtained a BA (in Law, Philosophy and Language) and LLB, both with distinction. She has been the recipient of a number of awards including a Skye Foundation Scholarship, a Mellon-Mays Fellowship and the 2012 Women in Science Award for the Development of Rural Women through Science and Technology. In September 2014, Dr. Weeks will take up a position as an advanced Assistant Professor in the Public Policy of Excluded Populations at the University of Massachusetts Boston's School for Global Inclusion and Social Development.

This event is open to the public free of charge.

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