8th Annual Green Chemistry Lecture
04.07.2011 - Thursday
Ken Olsen Science Center - 104
Dr Terry Collins
Thursday, April 7, 4:30–5:30 pm

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Terry Collins will be our 2011 Green Chemistry speaker.

"The Design of Iron-TAML Activators: Effective Small Molecule Mimics of the Peroxidase Enzymes"

Research in Carnegie Mellon’s Institute for Green Science is focused on the design, development, mechanism of action, and myriad uses of TAML activators. TAML activators with iron as the metal are the first miniaturized replicas of the peroxidase enzymes, which activate hydrogen peroxide throughout nature. The key to the TAML discovery and development has been the Collins iterative design protocol. This protocol is focused primarily on obtaining strongly electron-donating ligand systems where derivative complexes are able to resist both hydrolytic and oxidative degradation under the aggressive conditions of peroxidase-like processes. After being pursued for 15 years, the protocol yielded the prototype TAML activator. Further advancement via the protocol to higher generation catalysts has led to over 20 TAML activators that exhibit varying reactivities (with hydrogen peroxide and other peroxides), selectivities and lifetimes.

A champion in the field of green chemistry, Terry Collins has been recognized internationally for his work in creating a new class of oxidation catalysts with the potential for enormous, positive impact on the environment. Experts worldwide believe that Collins’ systems can be used to effectively replace chlorine-based oxidants in large global technologies so that some of society’s most toxic chlorinated residuals are not produced. The systems also enable valuable new technologies for previously unsolved environmental and health problems.

His honors include the Environmental Protection Agency’s 1999 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, the Pittsburgh Award from the American Chemical Society and Japan’s Society of Pure and Applied Coordination Chemistry Award. Collins is an honorary professor and a Distinguished Alumni Award recipient of the University of Auckland, New Zealand, a fellow of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the World Innovation Institute, and a Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar. He is associate editor for the Americas of the journal “Green Chemistry.”

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