Student Employment Survey 2014

Student Employment Survey 2014

Dear Off-Campus Employer,

Thank you for using our online job resource to advertise your available position(s) to our students. Once a year we enlist your assistance in evaluating the effectiveness of our service by asking you to complete the survey below. We use the information to create an internal annual report and to improve the quality of our resource. The main purpose of our survey is to calculate how much students have earned on average working off-campus through jobs found on the job board. All information you provide will remain confidential. Please return a survey for each position you filled. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Please use the Job ID# from the email we sent, or we will not be able to match your info to your job. If you do not have the Job ID#, please use your name or email address.

Many thanks,
Student Employment Staff

1. Job ID:

2. Were you able to fill the job you advertised using a Gordon student? (If no, please respond N/A to questions 3-7.)


3. How many students did you employ?

4. Please estimate the total amount paid to the student(s) from July 2013 through June 2014. This should be a number not a range. (If no estimate is given, please answer the following three questions.)

5. If no estimate was provided in question 4: What was the length of employment (number of days, weeks, or months the student(s) worked for you)?

6. If no estimate was provided in question 4: How many hours did the student(s) work per week on average? (Or estimate total hours for employment.)

7. If no estimate was provided in question 4: What was the wage paid per hour?

8. Any other comments or suggestions to improve our service: