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Real Impact

July 16–23, 2017

It is easy to talk about leadership—but at Gordon, we believe students learn best when they put leadership into practice.

Elevate 2017 connects leadership philosophy with practical action. During the institute, students create plans to solve real-world problems. In the application phase, each student identifies a tangible need in his or her local church, school, or community and suggests a few practical strategies to address it. The Elevate admissions committee chooses a handful of these problems for students to tackle during Elevate. At the beginning of the program, students are placed in diverse small groups based on their StrengthsQuest survey results. Each group is assigned one of these problems and develops a long-term plan to address it. At the end of the program, each group presents their plan before a panel of judges. The most compelling, persuasive projects receive significant funding, which provides resources for students to bring their solutions to reality over the 2017–18 academic year. 

"I absolutely loved Elevate! I feel like I am better equipped to work in social settings and to use my leadership skills in real-life situations. Elevate gave me tools that I can use daily to become a better leader and person!"

Lexi Colan ’16 (Plano, TX)