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Design Courses

Design Concentration Requirements

Students pursuing the art major with a concentration in design must complete the following courses (20 credits) along with an approved internship within a design-related environment:

ART202 Life Drawing
ART270 Design II: Process and Application or
AR110 Principles of Design
ART370 Design III: Studio Practicum

One of the following (4 credits):
ART470 Design IV: Applied Graphics
ART371 Selected Topics: Design Study/Typography
ART381 Independent Study in Design

One of the following (4 credits):
ART215 Introduction to Printmaking or
 AR315 Intaglio Printmaking
ART220 Photography I or
AR320 Photography II
ART225 Clay Sculptures or
AR325 Stone Sculptures: Carving
ART210 Introduction to Painting or
AR310 Figure Painting
ART345 Liturgy and Image: Art for Worship
ART367 Illustration


All Art Majors Take:

I. Foundations (8 credits):

   ART102 Drawing I

One of the following:
   ART110 Design I: Principles of Design
   ART270 Design II: Process and Application

II. Art History & Theory (8 credits):

Two of the following
   ART150 Art History: Cave Art to Medieval
   ART151 Art History: Renaissance to Modern
   PHI214  Aesthetics
   ART410 Modern Art Seminar

III. Senior Capstone Requirement (8 credits):

   ART402 Art and Vocation
   ART400 Senior thesis exhibit, studio elective, or 4-credit internship