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Critical Loyalty Project

The Critical Loyalty Project is a multi-year endeavor, funded by a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment. It was designed to assist Gordon College fulfill its mission of preparing men and women for reflective service for both the Church and society. Its principal goals are to:

  • Encourage students and faculty to think about the theological concept of vocation
  • Engage critically and loyally Gordon's evangelical heritage
  • Draw from the wisdom of Christian traditions
  • Encourage ecumenical reflection and engagement
  • Foster appreciation of intellectual commitment as a vital part of the Christian life

In implementing the programs made possible by this grant, Gordon holds that intellectually serious, tradition-informed, inquiring young people make more responsible and astute leaders, better able to guide the Church and society through the myriad challenges and complexities of life in the twenty first century.


Critical Loyalty Grant Proposal Narrative (PDF)
The grant proposal narrative for "Critical Loyalty: Christian Vocation at Gordon College."

Evangelicalism, Ecumenism, and the Lib. Arts Ideal (PDF)
Reflective, Evaluative Essay on Evangelicalism and Liberal Learning