Clarendon Society Members

Edith Smith ’33B
Ernest Sillers ’35
George ’36 and Jean Smart
Grace Hawkins ’38

Barbara Steeves ’40
Leona Harmon ’41
H. LeRoy Patterson ’41
Bernice Niles ’43
Alda Young ’45
Charles Sherrard ’46 and
LaVonne MacKenzie
Manuel Jr. ’47 and Madelyn Avila
Pearl Homme ’47
Madelyn Klose ’47
Violet Vogel ’47B
Walter Wood ’47B
Charles Jr. ’48 and
Ida Margarit Schenck
Wendell and Mary ’49 Chestnut
Francis and Betty ’49 Crisci
Ruth Wessel Hopkins ’49
James Meffen ’49
Frank Jr. and Ruth ’49 Replogle
Walter ’49B and Audrey ’53B Rice
Mary Wilson ’49B
Elmer Young ’49

Ralph ’50 and Pauline ’50 Brown
Carl ’50B and Caroline Burke
Andrew Jr. ’50 and
Mary ’70 Kilpatrick
Ida Parker ’50
Elin Bridgham ’51
Don ’51 and Cora Marcum
Cecil ’52 and Florence ’51 Breton
Jeannette Spinney Stuart ’52
William ’52 and Nancy ’55B Udall
Joyce Witherell ’52
John ’53 and Beverly Beauregard
Ethel Fern ’53
Christine Hodgman ’53
T. David ’53 and Margaret Jansen
Audrey ’53B and Walter ’49B Rice
Richard ’53 and Dorothy ’50 Rung
Frederick ’53 and
Margaret ’58 Smith
Lester ’53 and Ruby ’53 Tufts
Margaret Alsen ’54
James ’54B and
Gertraud ’52B Campbell
Paul ’54B and Myrtle Carlson
Veronica Lanier ’54
Mary Lark ’54B
Charlotte Stuart ’54
Wayne ’56B and Kathleen Owens
Florence Winsor ’56
David Furman ’57B
Daniel ’57 and Ronnie Jean Klim
Harold and Joyce ’58 Anderson
Diane Blake ’58
Joyce Duerr ’58
Robert Goodwin ’59

Philip and Judith ’60 Johnson
James ’60 and Merlyn Rutherford
Raymond Mann ’61
Eleanor Wilson ’61B
Priscilla Ferrin Leavitt ’62B
Carolyn Cassidy ’63
Judith Krom ’63
Marsha Littler ’63
Charlotte Baker ’64
Phillip ’64 and Linda ’65 Bonard
G. Lloyd ’64 and Gwendolyn Carr
Mary Gibbs ’64
Glenn ’64 and Marcia Harrington
Ruth Bennett ’65B
Peter ’65 and Pat ’65 McKay
Ronald Perry ’65
Barry ’66 and Yetta ’66 Relyea
Janet ’68 and Kenneth ’70 Arndt
Thomas ’68 and Linda ’69 Zieger
Judson II ’69 and Joan ’74 Guest
Kenneth ’70 and Janet ’68 Arndt
Margaret Clark ’70B
Mary ’70 and
Andrew Jr. ’50 Kilpatrick
James ’70 and Patricia ’70 Rahn
John ’71 and Karen Den Bleyker
David ’71 and Lynda ’72 Linker
Joan ’74 and Judson II ’69 Guest
Daniel ’74 and Darlene ’74 Kuzmak
Elizabeth Hunter ’75B
Eric ’76 and Robin ’80 Feustel
Ellen Anderson ’77
Margaret Ann Bentley ’78
William ’78 and Jane Keep
David ’78 and Joyce ’80 Nystedt
H. Sue Snyder ’78
Margaret Mattison ’79

Robin ’80 and Eric ’76 Feustel
Joyce ’80 and David ’78 Nystedt
Mark ’80 and Jill Smith
Robert ’81 and Barbara ’81 Grinnell
Ronald ’81 and Jerilyn ’82 Mahurin
John ’82 and Jan Anderson
Tori Jaye Britton ’84
Gordon ’85 and Barbara ’83 Becker
Douglas MacDougal ’85
Brian ’87 and Johanna Habib
Daniel and Beth ’87 White
Peter ’88 and Elizabeth ’89 Stahl

Richard Jr. ’93 and Sherrie Klein
Derek ’93 and Sara ’93 Mogck
Marc ’95 and Emily ’96 Pitman

Friends of the College
David and Carolyn Ames
John Barbour
David Belman
Kenneth and Dorothy Bernard
Helen Burrill
Frank and Ruth Butler
R. Judson and Janice Carlberg
Carl and Randi Carlson
Richard and Lois Carlson
Roy Carlson Jr.
Donald and Barbara Chase
Barbara Cushing-Geary
Kenneth Durgin
Harry Durning
Dale and Sarah Ann Fowler
Olive Garde
Eldon and Grace Hall
Laura Headley
George Hein
Roy and Beverly Honeywell
Nathan Hubley Jr.
Edward and Ellen Huff
Joseph and Margaret Hunt
Ruth Jones
Robert Jr. and Miriam Kenyon
Raymond and Priscilla Lee
Graham Mason
Billie McKinney
John and Jacquelyn Meers
C. William Jr. and Pat Meyer
Evelyn Nelson
Leonard and Judy Peterson
Lucile Peterson
Charles and Sarah Pickell
Lois Pollard
Elinor Pouliot
Caryl Reid
Eloise Rideout
Thomas Rodger
Edwin and Sharon Schempp
Diane Shaw
William Shepard
Thomas and Madelyn Shields
T. Grady and Tine Spires
Edward and Marjorie Steltzer
Peter Stine
Robert and Jean Svoboda
Ann Tappan
Elizabeth Gordon Thompson
Russell and Jean Tupper
Daniel and Andrea Tymann
David Vander Mey
James and Barbara Vander Mey
Pamela vanTwuyver
Nance Ware
Joan Welsh
John III and Sara Zimmermann