Purpose and Philosophy

MISSION: To instigate faithful ventures for lasting impact

METHOD: Entrepreneurial osmosis: connections with entrepreneurial mentors
and immersion in start-up culture

Entrepreneurship at Gordon

Entrepreneurship is inherently practical, creative, cross-disciplinary and favors grassroots solutions, all qualities that compliment and extend the liberal arts in important ways. Gordon College seeks to instill the qualities entrepreneurship may develop, and a setting like Gordon provides rich soil for nurturing agents of change and impact.

The mission of Gordon College is “to graduate men and women distinguished by intellectual maturity and Christian character, committed to lives of service and prepared for leadership worldwide.” The Gordon “commission” is to stretch the mind, deepen the faith and elevate the contribution. It is not difficult to highlight some of the ways in which the work of this Center is uniquely suited to the stated intentions of the Gordon community:

  • Character, and faith, are deepened and find meaning through the testing that comes from application in practical circumstances and challenges.
  • People who are committed know what they stand for, are driven by a sense of purpose, and stay the course despite uncertainty, difficulty and doubt.
  • Gordon’s founder, A. J. Gordon, stated that “service overflows from us” when we are in a right relationship with our Creator and His creation. Those who seek to live out their convictions in service to others may find their contributions are magnified in supernatural ways.

Our Philosophy

There are a number of guiding focal points distinctive to educational mission of the CEL:

Entrepreneurship is pioneering through unmapped terrain. Founders require vision beyond what is visible, ambition beyond what is rational, and courage despite few resources and many risks. The entrepreneurial process is a crucible for refining ideas and ideals.

Entrepreneurship animates personal convictions. Through new ventures, life-long learners grasp for meaningful change… today. Deep-seated beliefs and intentionality are directed toward a noble mission, service to others and personal fulfillment.

Entrepreneurship is a contact sport. Entrepreneurship is caught (more than taught) when aspiring change agents are immersed in relevant, pressing challenges. Ideas are made complete through practical implementation and those who learn most are unafraid to fail soon, fail often and fail hard. Our experiential pedagogy has a bias toward real needs, design-thinking, lean processing, deep learning and long-term (even eternal) change.

Entrepreneurship is a team sport. Excellence often calls for the guidance of authentic mentors, cross-disciplinary teamwork, and comprehensive solutions. Empathy is required for casting a vision and sustaining it over time. Intense exploration of this type requires friends for the journey.