Juan (Tony) Castro Testimonials

Juan (Tony) A. Castro, MS

David Loomis, class of 1988
Professor Castro instilled in me, and my wife, a real sense of mission and worldview in every thing we did. To him there was no separation between secular and sacred and he taught me to honor God in all the work I did, no matter where or what I was doing.

Linda (McClintock) Nasman, class of 1988
Dr. Schweitzer was my advisor for my first three years at Gordon, but since she left the College I was reassigned to Tony Castro for my senior year. Since I was married after the end of my junior year, my last name had changed; therefore, Professor Castro did not recognize the new name on his list of advisees, a senior. My sister, Marjorie McClintock, also a math major, happened to be in his office one day and he asked her if she knew who Linda Nasman was. Thinking he was joking, she replied that she had no idea! He was quite surprised when I walked into his office a little later since he had been chiding himself for not having made the acquaintance of a senior math major!