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Internship opportunities abound at Gordon College. Each semester many students review hundreds of opportunities in various fields to identify an appropriate placement. Career Services aids students with developing their resumes, cover letters, interviewing skills and discerning which opportunities may best fit their needs.

Career Services Internship Program (COE 425)
This is a 0-credit course designed to assist our students in formalizing their internship experience by identifying a Career Advisor and a Faculty Advisor to serve as the resource for the students throughout their internship. This program allows the student to capture their internship on their academic transcript and provides guidelines for students to make the most of their internship experience by setting goals and defining strategies for the various means to measure and meet those goals, as they directly relate to the student's area of study. Internships can be paid or unpaid. Enrolling in this program is tuition free (a $50 application fee does apply) and a student must submit a completed and approved registration form with learning plan to the Registrar's Office prior to the start of the internship and no later than the fifth day of the semester or June 1st for summer. Learn more ➔

Academic Internship Program
There are three distinctives about the Internship Program that separate the experience from being a co-op:

  • Students may work 8–40 hours a week, however, the typical internship student will be on site 8–16 hours a week
  • Internships are typically unpaid experiences
  • Students receive academic credit for their work

Students will be required to complete related academic assignments such as keeping a journal, presenting a paper, completing reading assignments, etc. Read more on Gordon's policies and procedures ➔ 

Gordon Global Summer Internship
Gordon is excited to offer a number of exceptional global internship opportunities in the summer that will enable students to live out the Gordon Commission around the world: stretching the mind, deepening the faith and elevating the contribution. Check out the Gordon Global Summer Internship program for some exciting internship options.

Cooperative Education (Co-op)
Gordon College students are encouraged to gain practical experience in their field of study while they are still in college. Employers everywhere are seeking graduates with experience. No longer will a 4.0 GPA assure a promise of a direct career path into your field of choice; along with a strong academic record, students must also demonstrate an ability to put theory into practice and communicate effectively through strong interpersonal skills. Gordon College's Cooperative Education Program is distinctive of Christian colleges, affording students the opportunity to put theory and practice to work.

Every semester co-op students go into the world of work in fields related to their career interests and their academic major. They gain practical skills, experience, and make connections that enhance job placement in professional fields. There are three main distinctions of a co-op at Gordon College:

  • Students work 20–40 hours a week for at least 12 weeks
  • Co-op positions are paid usually by an hourly wage or stipend
  • Co-op placements are listed on the transcript, but academic credit is not awarded

Additionally, students gain practical experience in conducting a job search by completing their resume, finding co-op leads, and interviewing with employers. This significantly prepares them for their job search upon graduation.

If you are considering a co-op, attend one of our Co-op and Internship informational seminars or make an appointment to discuss it with a Career Services staff person.