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Career Assessments

Assessments are used to help people discern their interests, values, skills/gifts and personality preferences and how they relate to the world of work. A career counselor will help you determine which assessment(s) will be most useful to you and then review the results with you. These following assessments are available to you through Career Services:

Campbell Interest and Skill Survey: Explores your interests and skills, including your academic and non-academic focus. It is computer scored off campus and includes a ten-page report for each individual, outlining your interests, competencies and potential career fields.

Harrington-O'Shea: A self scored assessment of abilities, work values, school subject preferences, and interests. Career clusters based on findings are suggested for exploration. Action steps and exploration resources are also provided.

Holland's Self-Directed Search: A self-administered assessment exploring interests and skills. This assessment provides a list of potential majors and careers students should explore. Available during office hours.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Used in a variety of settings including career counseling, marriage counseling, exploring of group dynamics and conflict resolution. It is used here to explore how personality style interacts with career interests. It is computer scored off campus and includes a six-page report that suggests one's personality type, appropriate career environments, and comparative lists of occupations that correspond to one's MBTI type.

O*Net Career Interests Inventory: A self administered inventory that helps you identify career areas that match your interests and suggests jobs/occupations for you to explore. This assessment connects with the U.S. Department of Labor database of position descriptions known as the Occupational Information Network or O*Net™

Strong Interest Inventory (SII): Explores interests and skills and provides an extensive list of potential careers. It provides a six-page report identifying occupational themes, interest scales, and comparative occupational scales.

Finding Your Spiritual Gifts: Wagner—Modified Houts Questionnaire: A self-scoring assessment that helps one discern spiritual gifts and how to use them. Available during office hours.

CONTACT Career Services at 978.867.4275 or to schedule an appointment to take an assessment.