About the Conference

March 21-22, 2014

NetVUE North-East Regional Conference

Cultivating Purpose and Skill among Undergraduates 

The undergraduate college context is especially suited to sustain deep conversations about calling and foster a quest for purpose among students in a variety of settings: the academic classroom, intentional community life, co-curricular activities and more. At the same time, the institution must work to prepare its graduates for employment in their fields of interest, teaching them to revise resumes, practice for interviews, and cultivate the concrete skills that employers seek.  Too frequently, however, it seems that two projects run on parallel tracks as some campus personnel engage students in conversations about meaning and purpose while others help students prepare for careers.

“Called & Equipped”, a regional conference sponsored by NetVUE and Gordon College, will gather faculty and staff from a variety of areas – student life, career services, the Core curriculum and academic departments – for a day-and-a-half conversation about helping our students and our institution integrate the big picture questions about life’s meaning and purpose with the practical concerns of finding work in today’s job market.   

Some questions we will address:

  • What do schools in the CIC currently do to link their Career Services offices to the academic classrooms and student development programs? What are some of the challenges and opportunities in creating these cooperative relationships?
  • What role do internships play in bridging these conversations for students?
  • How do faculty and staff become better equipped for both the broad vocational conversations and the practical ones?

NetVUE has its roots in the Lilly Endowment’s major initiatives on 88 college and university campuses over the previous decade through its Programs for the Theological Exploration of Vocation (PTEV). As Lilly’s direct support of the PTEV effort concluded, The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) was asked by a number of college and university presidents to develop a national campus-supported network to extend and deepen the conversation about vocation. Since the fall of 2009, 178 colleges and universities have joined NetVUE, to foster the theological exploration of vocation in their campus communities. These campuses, most of which are rooted in the liberal arts, represent a range of religiously-affiliated institutions as well as a number of secular institutions. All show a desire to address the theological and intellectual implications of vocation, both in the classroom and in student life. In addition to the NetVUE-sponsored biennial national conference, the network also supports regional and themed gatherings hosted by its members.

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