David Brandt Testimonials

David H. Brandt, MS

David Hall, class of 1977
Dr. Brandt was being challenged with the idea that the study of the humanities was superior to the study of science. He replied, "When you know as much about Newton as I know about Shakespeare, come back and talk to me."

David Smith, class of 1979
Dr. Brandt would arrive and make small talk as he removed his jacket and methodically rolled up his sleeves before taking up his chalk--it was one of those predictable routines--a testimony to order and organization. Dr. Brandt made sure he taught both the algebraic and the calculus method of solving physics problems. He did this because his freshmen physics majors had not all taken calc...but he knew that we who already had calculus would appreciate the elegance of problem-solving using it. A prof with a passion for excellence who made his subject lucid!