About Internships

Every student attending the Gordon IN Boston program is required to participate in a professional internship.  The credit for these internship experiences is variable between 4 and 12 credits, depending upon the student’s academic departmental requirements.  College policy dictates that the student must be “on the job” for 28 clock hours for each hour of credit received, and must be supervised by a regular employee of the organization.  Internship placements are available for students in any major.

Part of the required course, BUS301: Seminar in Urban Systems will provide students with a forum for reporting on the internship experience, dealing with problems in the organizational environment, and discussing vocational issues.

Finding an internship:

Gordon students are encouraged to meet, well in advance of the semester, with the Career Center personnel on the Wenham campus to begin to explore internship placement opportunities, polish a resume and develop interview skills.   Students at other institutions should prepare themselves by taking advantage of similar services on their home campus.  Students should also meet with faculty to identify possible internship placements in Boston.

During the first full week of the semester, students in the program will meet individually and in groups with the Internship Director who will assist them in working through the process of placement, creating an internship contract, and setting up the placement schedule.  Students should arrive at the program having thoroughly explored potential placements, or in some cases, having already secured a placement. Please do not arrive without having done your part.

The Gordon IN Boston program has a long history of working with non-profit and for-profit organizations in the Boston area.  The downloads on the right list previous internship placements.  In most cases, these organizations are open to welcoming back students in the program.  Our partner, Emmanuel Gospel Center, is a great placement option for students interested in research, ministry, and non-profit organizational areas in management, communications and development.  Please feel free to explore the special internship options available at EGC.


Emmanual Gospel Center Internships (PDF)
List of internship options at EGC

Previous Internships by Major (DOCX)
List of potential internship locations