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Gordon IN Boston


The Gordon IN Boston program offers undergraduates from Gordon College and partner schools an opportunity to study, work and live in one of the world’s most fascinating and densely populated cities. Boston is where history happened—and continues to happen! Known as the education capitol of the world, Boston is also a city with amazing political, business, and ministry opportunities. The rich diversity and flavor of the various neighborhoods allow engagement of nearly any population group or ethnic community you can name—all within a short subway ride from any other part of the city.


Live in an apartment in downtown Boston with a focus on intentional Christian community.


Bridge the gap between your studies and professional practice with an internship.


Understand urban systems and ministry by networking with professionals and churches.

The city of Boston is the fourth oldest (1630) and best known of the Puritan cities of the 17th century’s “great migration.” The capital of Massachusetts, it was once described as the “Athens of America” and has earned its nickname as "the Hub." LEARN MORE >>

Kayla Peck

Through my internship in Boston I was able to transfer my studies into marketable skills. These real-life applications helped me better articulate what I wanted in a career, and thus helped me land a job that challenges and inspires me.”
—Kayla Peck ’11


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