Russ Bjork Testimonials

Russell C. Bjork, MS
Computer Science
Years at Gordon: 1980-present

David Loomis,
class of 1988
Professor Bjork challenged me to think. Because his tests were often "open notes" he never tested rote memorization, but instead tested application. Learning how to think and solve problems has been the cornerstone of my career as a software architect. He also taught me the importance of clear communication. It is rare to work with other software developers who strive to write clearly and concisely. These are the skills that my wife and I now emphasize with our children. Thank you Professor Bjork.

Michael Yee, class of 2000
I admired that Professor Bjork wasn't prone to coddling us, but instead treated us with respect and as partners in the educational endeavor--partners that had metaphorically signed a syllabus "contract". That's what made the following story stick out in my mind. The exact details are a little fuzzy, but in one of my computer science courses, we had a particularly challenging assignment due one day that we had all struggled with. We requested an extension, though normally such requests weren't granted. However, on this occasion, Professor Bjork surprisingly agreed, explaining that he was currently reading a book about grace and felt compelled to put it into practice!