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Bert Hodges

Professor of Psychology

B.A. Wheaton College
M.A., Ph.D. Vanderbilt University


Dr. Hodges teaches courses in cognitive, social, and theoretical psychology, as well as introductory and cross-cultural psychology. He has been on the faculty since 1972 and received the Senior Distinguished Faculty Award in 1997. He also serves as Senior Research Scientist at the University of Connecticut.

His research is both empirical and theoretical, focusing particularly on developing an ecological account of values, and exploring its implications for social psychology, perception and action, and language. His current work focuses on the role of trust and truth in social interaction; the social and moral pragmatics of conversing; the integration of various physical dimensions (e.g., weight, time) in perception; the effect of language on color perception; and the nature of carefulness in perception-action tasks. Student research assistants are a vital and rewarding part of these efforts. 

Dr. Hodges has been a visiting professor or scholar at the University of California Santa-Barbara, Southampton University (UK), University of Portsmouth (UK), and Rutgers University. His work has been recognized by the Templeton Foundation and the National Science Foundation.