Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services provides the following management functions:

  • ID Cards
    • New ID cards
    • Replacement cards
  • Meal plans
    • Additional student meal plans
    • Transfer of meal points between students
    • Employee purchasing of meal points for use in Lane
  • Telephone services
    • Addition of new lines for new emloyees
    • Maintenance / hookup for employee location changes
    • Publication of student and employee phone directories
    • Departmental billing of phone usage and charges

Auxiliary Services is located on the first floor (pond level) of Lane Dining Center, around behind the far side of the mailboxes, and can be reached via phone extension x4532.

Office hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm.

* If you are a student or employee looking to access the online phone directories (PDF), please log on to the GO site [] and look under the "General" section of your links for these resources.