Visiting The Archives

Make a visit to the Archives! We encourage all interested researchers to make an appointment before visiting. The Archives is currently open for very limited hours, and appointments are required. Please contact archives staff at .

The Gordon College Archives is open to all members of the Gordon community for administrative and educational use, as well as to outside researchers who have a stated research interest. Some college records, including student records and some office records, have restricted access and are not open to the public. Please contact the Archivist for more information.

Many of our materials are delicate and irreplaceable. For this reason, there are special rules for visiting researchers. When researchers arrive, they will be asked to fill out the User Registration Formand present a photo ID. Included in more detail on the User Registration Form are the following reading room rules:

  1. No food or drink are allowed in the reading room.
  2. Researchers are allowed only paper, pencil, laptop and (with the permission of the College Archivist) digital camera. Please leave all other materials outside the reading room.
  3. Researchers may be asked to wear gloves when working with certain materials.
  4. Researchers are asked to leave folders and materials in the exact order in which they were found. If something appears to be out of place, please alert the Archivist.
  5. Do not make or erase any marks on the materials. If a researcher finds a mark or writing that appears inappropriate, please alert the Archivist.


Many of the materials in the Archives are too delicate or sensitive to light to be photocopied. If researchers would like to have records photocopied, they may inquire with the Archivist about the possibility of photocopying. All requests must be made in person by researchers, and requests by phone or email cannot be accepted at this time. If possible, photocopies are made by Archives staff for a small fee, and the photocopies can be mailed or picked up by researchers. Generally, photocopy requests by phone or email cannot be accepted.

All such photocopies are for the personal use of the researcher only. Permission to photocopy does not grant researchers permission to reproduce or otherwise publish reproductions of Archives materials.


Photography (without flash) is generally more acceptable than photocopying. Researchers who would like to bring a camera to photograph materials should first request permission from the Archivist. There are no special materials to support photographic reproduction, and the Archives is unable to provide photographing services.

As with photocopying, all such photographs are for the personal use of the researchers only. Permission to photograph does not grant researchers permission to reproduce or otherwise publish reproductions of Archives materials.


The Archives license copying for personal use only. Researchers agree that copies will not be reproduced, sold or distributed to other individuals or repositories. If any other use is intended (publication or other reproduction), the researcher must acquire permission from the Archives. Fees may apply.

Research by Archives Staff

If you are unable to come to the Archives yourself, the Archives staff is available to complete limited types of  research inquiries for you. Fees may apply if the research exceeds 1/2 hour.

Using Archives: A Guide to Effective Research 

Tips for using archives from the Society of American Achivists web site.