RG 1. The Institution

Finding Aid for Record Group 1


Date: about 1850 - current; bulk 1889 - current

Extent: about 175 linear feet

Creator: Gordon College

Access Restrictions: Various / Restricted. Record Group 1 is the largest and broadest of the collections within the archives. As such, it contains materials that span a wide spectrum of topics and restriction levels. While some materials are unrestricted and open to the public, others are not. Please contact the archives or library staff for more information.


Record Group 1, The Institution, generally includes records produced at the top administrative level of the institution, with some exceptions. This collection contains handbooks, catalogs, and other major institution-wide publications. Histories of the college can be found here, along with buildings and grounds records, records of the Princemere Estate, Commencement and Baccalaureate brochures, and various reports on the college. Most importantly, this collection includes the records of the President's Office and the personal papers of Gordon Presidents, including those of the school's founder A. J. Gordon.


The following are highlights from Record Group 1. A complete inventory is not available online.

RG 1
The Institution
  1 (A) Publications
    1 (A8) Gordon Catalog (1892 - current; 12.5 linear feet)
    1 (A12) Directories (3 boxes)
    1 (A13) Gordon Heritage Project (8 boxes)
    1 (A13) Histories of Gordon (5 boxes)
  1 (T) Thee Dimensional Objects
  1 D President
    1 D1 Adoniram Judson Gordon
    1 D1.2 Arthur Tappan Pierson
    1 D1.3 A. C. Dixon
    1 D2 Nathan Robinson Wood
    1 D3 T. Leonard Lewis
    1 D4 James Forrester
    1 D5 Harold John Ockenga
    1 D6 Richard Gross
    1 D7 Judson R. Carlberg
  1 K Campus, Grounds and Buildings (9 boxes)
  1 P Princemere Estate (4 boxes)

1 V Events 
    1 VA Anniversaries (2 boxes)
    1 VC 1 Graduaton (Commencement), 1889 - present (5 boxes)
    1 VC 2 Baccalaureate, 1940-2008 (1 box)
    1 VC 3 Fall Honors Convocation (1 box)
    1 VC 4 Winter Honors Convocation (1 box)
    1 VC 5 Spring Honors Convocation (1 box)