AP, SAT II and IB Exams

Advanced Placement, SAT and International Baccalaureate Policies
Gordon College
Wenham, MA 01984

The College grants advanced standing to applicants enrolled in the AP Program who receive scores of 4 or 5 on the AP exams.

  • Each academic department establishes criteria for placement and credit
  • Not more than 32 credits may be credited toward a Gordon degree
  • Credit awarded when official report is received directly from The College Board
  • Effective for exams taken in 2004 or later
AP Subject

Gordon Course or Requirement Equivalency

Credit Granted

Art History ART150 Art History:Cave-Medieval, ART151 Art History:Renais-Modern (4 credits for half-year course; 8 credits for full-year course) 4 or 8

Score of 4: Biology major elective or free elective

Score of 5: 
Non-biology majors – free elective.

Biology majors:
4 credits for BIO150 Cells & Genetics,
waive BIO151 Animal Biology,
waive 2 credits of BIO250 Plants, Ecology and Evolution.  
Students will complete a  guided study on Science and Faith to complete the material covered in BIO250.

Calculus AB Exam
(Only one of AB or BC exam may earn credit)
MAT141 Calculus I 4
Calculus BC
Calc AB Subscore
MAT142 Calculus II
MAT141 Calculus I
Chemistry CHE111, CHE112 Princ Chem I & II 8
*Chinese Language and Culture MAN101 and/or MAN102 Mandarin I & II 4 or 8*
Computer Science A CPS121 Intro to Programming 4
Computer Science AB CPS121 Intro to Programming and 4 credits elective 8
Macroeconomics ECB202 Princ Macroeconomics 4
Microeconomics ECB201 Princ Microeconomics 4
English Language/Composition Elective 4
English Literature/Composition ENG141 Western Literature 4
Environmental Science NSM222 Environmental Science
(Core theme Natural World only)
European History HIS121 Historical Perspectives 4
*French Language and Culture FRE101 and/or FRE102 French I & II 4 or 8 *
*German Language and Culture GER101 and/or GER102 German I & II 4 or 8 *
Government & Politics: Comparative POL210 Intro to Comparative Politics 4
Government & Politics: United States POL104 American National Politics 4
Human Geography GEG210 Princ of Geography 2
*Italian Language and Culture ITL101 and/or ITL102 Italian I & II 4 or 8*
*Japanese Language and Culture LAN101 and/or LAN102 Language I & II 4 or 8*
*Latin: Vergil LAT101 and/or LAT102 Latin I & II 4 or 8 *
Music Theory MUS211 Music Theory I (only with Music Dept. exam)
Or elective

Physics B
(Only one of B or C exam may earn credit)


PHY119 General Physics I (non-lab)
*If this is to apply towards a major, the lab requirements will need to be discussed either with the major department or the physics department



Physics C

(Only one of B or C exam may earn credit)


PHY121 Intro Physics I (non-lab)
PHY122 Intro Physics II (non-lab)

*If these are to apply towards a major, the lab requirements will need to be discussed either with the major department or the physics department

Psychology PSY220 Person in Psychological Context 4
Spanish Language SPN101 and/or SPN102 Spanish I & II 4 or 8 *
Spanish Literature SPN101 and/or SPN102 Spanish I & II 4 or 8 *
Statistics MAT220 Biostatistics 4
Studio Art (2-D Design, 3-D Design, Drawing) Evaluation by Art Department required  
U.S. History HIS115 (Early Childhood & Elem Ed majors), or US History option (History majors), or elective 4
World History HIS121 Historical Perspectives 4

*Any foreign language or literature exam: Score of 4 or 5 fulfills the core language requirement (Language 101, 102); students earn 4 credits for an AP score of 4 (applied to Language 102) and 8 credits for a score of 5 (applied to Language 101 and 102). Maximum of 8 credits per language.


SAT II Foreign Language Exams: 

  • A score of 400 on an SAT II Foreign Language exam places a student in Language 102, fulfilling Language 101 without credit. 
  • A score of 500 on the exam fulfills the Language 101 and 102 requirement without credit. If a student intends to continue study in the language, a placement exam will need to be taken.


Higher-Level International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme exams with scores of 5 or better will be considered for college credit upon receipt of the official certificate. Specific course credit allocation will be determined by the academic department involved.