A. J. Gordon Fellows

Gordon College cultivates scholars and leaders through a variety of campus-based and extended learning options. The A. J. Gordon Fellows is a program of faithful personal and professional development for emerging scholars and leaders.

The A. J. Gordon Fellows Program

Academic curiosity and an eagerness to serve distinguishes A. J. Gordon Fellows. They represent diverse academic interests and pursuits, unique talents and strengths, and seek to advance their knowledge and influence as students and as educated, faithful citizens. A. J. Gordon Fellows pursue a wide variety of campus and community investments of those talents and strengths while at the College.

First-year Fellows can select the year-long TGC Honors seminar as their Core TGC option, and benefit from personalized advising and challenging, supportive small-group learning modules. In the second year, A. J. Gordon Fellows embark on an influential small-group project of their choice for the campus community. Third and following years offer unique styling and choice for each Fellow as they continue on their personal and professional path. Along the way, each small cohort of 12-15 students interacts with each other, and with the other A. J. Gordon Fellows on campus.

Individualized advising and coaching

Personalized coaching and advising is offered to all first-year A. J. Gordon Fellows as they plan their four-year Gordon College learning path. A. J. Gordon Fellows regularly apply to the Kenneth L. Pike Honors Program (an individualized academic major or minor), The Jerusalem and Athens Forum, The Elijah Project, apply to departmental honors options, undertake internships and research projects, study-away and study-abroad programs, and more. Program staff offer the chance to talk some of these options through, and even help discover ones you didn't know existed.

Small-group learning

To extend and personalize learning further, the A. J. Gordon Fellows Program features regular meetings in small-groups through the year. Thoughtful, caring, active small groups of six to eight students led by a seasoned A. J. Gordon Fellow or two have been challenging and encouraging each others personal and professional development for more than 20 years. Small groups meet to discuss and act on the topics and ideas highlighted in the Program curriculum, and they interact with the Gordon College community and our community partners socially and in service and practice.

Learn about the A. J. Gordon Fellows Program curriculum and key features for participants, and read stories of current and recent A. J. Gordon Scholars and Fellows at Gordon College.