Academics IN Aix

CALENDAR (Provisional):

FALL 2014: September 3–December 20
SPRING 2015: January 2–April 26


1. Students attending the Gordon IN Aix program will normally be served by one of two tracks:

A. Students such as French majors whose principal purpose is to focus on their French language proficiency in all dimensions of the language (command of grammar, speaking, writing, aural comprehension, reading) will normally be enrolled in the Institut d'études de français pour étudiants étrangers (IEFEE), where students are placed in classes at the level of their proficiency after taking tests at the beginning of the semester

B. Students whose principal purpose is to give an international dimension to their studies in International Affairs, Political Science, International Relations, Economics, or other of the social sciences will normally be enrolled in the Institut d'études politiques (SciencesPo, as it is typically called). The curriculum of such students would typically include two or more of the following four elements: the French language courses offered for non-native speakers; the courses designed specifically for Sciences Po’s own international students; the courses taught in English; and standard courses taken by students completing their degrees at Sciences Po.

2. In addition to the courses taken either at IEFEE or Sciences Po, all students enrolled in the program take a Seminar in French Culture and History designed specifically to help students understand and adapt to typical features of French attitudes and worldview, understand key aspects of French history that inevitably provide the context for contemporary assumptions, and understand the peculiar challenges facing the Christian church in an increasingly post-christian and religiously-pluralistic Europe. The Seminar unfolds in sessions scheduled throughout the semester after a more intense period of orientation.

3. Students completing curricula on their home campus in Biblical studies and Christian ministries may also be able to take coursework at the Faculté Jean Calvin Seminary in various areas of Biblical study, Apologetics and Missiology.

Please note:

  • French majors are not excluded from taking courses at Sciences Po if they have a second major in the social sciences, in which case the courses delivered in the French language at Sciences Po can normally be included in the coursework satisfying the French major.
  • Students enrolled in Sciences Po must normally have already completed an Intermediate level of coursework in French language.


The Gordon-sponsored Seminar in French Culture and History receives 4 credits. For courses taken at French educational institutions, the Registrar of Gordon College follows the guidelines established by the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) for translating credits and grades from the French into the American system. At present, credit hours in the French system receive half that number in Gordon College’s system of awarding credits. Courses taken in university programs in France will be listed on the student’s academic transcript, but grades will not be included in calculating the GPA. The Gordon French department, in consultation with the Registrar, decides how the IEFEE courses are incorporated into Gordon’s French curriculum.