Airport Shuttle

This year the Highland Express will be offering transportation to Logan Airport before and after major breaks, which includes:

Airport shuttles cost a small fee of $15/ride ($30 round trip). This fee covers the bare minimum costs for driver payment and gas.  Please note that you will be charged $20/trip if you sign up after the assigned deadline (please see below). All payments can be made in the Center for Student Development on the second floor of the Lane Student Center.


Signing Up

How do I sign up for an Airport Shuttle?

  • Sign up using our online forms found here: Please note that there are two separate forms. One form is for shuttles departing from the Chapel loop (Spring Break Departures) and the other is for shuttles departing Logan Airport, Terminal E (Spring Break Arrivals).

When is the deadline to sign up for each Airport Shuttles?

  • Please check each page for the specific deadline

How do I know which time to pick to depart the Chapel loop?

  • You should budget your time keeping in mind that it can take anywhere between 30-90 minutes to get to Logan airport.
  • The afternoon shuttles tend to take 40-90 minutes.
  • If you are flying domestic you should arrive at the airport at least 1 hour in advance to your flight departure time.
  • If you are flying international you should arrive at least 2 hours in advance to your flight departure time.

How do I know which time to pick to depart from Logan airport, Terminal E?

  • If you are choosing your shuttle time, be sure to budget in enough time to take the airport shuttle to Terminal E from your arriving Terminal, as all students are picked up in Terminal E. Traveling to Terminal E from your arriving terminal can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes. If you do not know your arriving terminal, you can click this link to check:

How will I know that the Highland Express received my flight information?

  • You will receive an email from the director of the Highland Express after the deadline for the specific shuttle you have signed up for asking you to confirm your airport shuttle time and flight information.

What if I prefer not to ride at any of the listed times?

  • In this case you have a few different options:
    • You could ask a friend to give you a ride.
    • You could place a posting on student news.
    • You could call a car company.

Paying for your Shuttle

How do I pay for the shuttle?

  • Pay $15/trip in the Center for Student Development on the third floor of the Lane Student Center.
  • Receive an "Airport Shuttle Voucher" which acts as a receipt and a "pass" to use the shuttle during your assigned trip. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A VOUCHER THE DRIVER WILL CREATE A RECEIPT FOR YOU SO THAT WE CAN SEND THE CHARGE TO YOUR STUDENT ACCOUNT.

When is the deadline for paying for my Airport Shuttles?

  • The deadline for payments is the same as the deadline for sign up (please view each travel date for specific deadlines)

Should I pay with cash or credit?

  • You should plan to pay with cash or check, but not credit.

What do I do if I lose my voucher?

  • Email the Highland Express at and the director will authorize a new one to be printed for you.

How much does the shuttle cost?

  • The cost of each airport shuttle is $15/trip, which covers the bare minimum fee for drivers and gasoline. 
  • Please note that the shuttle costs $20/trip if you would like to arrange for a shuttle after the submissions deadline.

Catching your Shuttle

How do I ensure that I do not miss my departing shuttle from the Chapel loop?

  • You should be at the Chapel loop no later than 15 minutes before your departure time. Shuttles depart from the Chapel loop promptly at their listed departure time. Therefore, if you are signed up for the 8AM shuttle, the shuttle will leave promptly at 8AM.

How do I ensure that I do not miss my departing shuttle from Logan Airport, Terminal E?

  • Sign up for a departure time that will allow you to find your luggage and travel from your arriving terminal to Terminal E. In addition, shuttles arriving/departing from Logan Airport are more flexible than the shuttles that depart from the Chapel loop. If you are running late, your driver will call or text you in order to get your Estimated Time of Arrival. If you will be more than 30 minutes late to the shuttle you signed up for, you likely will be reassigned to a later shuttle time.

Why are the departure times from Logan, Terminal E more flexible than the departure times from the Chapel loop?

  • This is because heavy traffic patterns, poor weather or flight complications affect both our ability to be on time as well as your ability to be on time. For this reason, we are slightly more flexible.

Cancelling, delaying or rescheduling your shuttle

What do I do if I want to cancel my shuttle?

  • You should email the Highland Express at If you do not email us to cancel, we will assume that you still need a ride.

Will I be refunded if I cancel?

  • Refunds are offered as long as you cancel your shuttle 24 hours in advance to your departure or arrival time. The only exception is if you have flight complications that are beyond your control.

Can I reschedule my shuttle ride if my flight is canceled?

  • Yes, please email the Highland Express at or call 978-867-4263. If your flight arrives after business hours (8AM-4:30PM) or is on a weekend, please EMAIL.

What if I just forget to show up for my departing shuttle?

  • You may be able to reschedule for a later shuttle, however, if there is not an open seat we cannot guarantee space for you. In addition, you will not be refunded.

What if my arriving flight comes in late and I cannot make my shuttle time?

  • For arriving flights, we guarantee that all students will make it back to campus by the end of the day (11:59PM). If your flight is late, email the Highland Express at or call 978-867-4263. If your flight arrives after business hours (8AM-4:30PM) or is on a weekend, please EMAIL.

Scheduling after the submissions deadline

What if my ride falls through last minute and I need a ride to or from the airport?

  • Contact the Highland Express at . If you schedule a shuttle anytime after the submissions deadline, the cost of the shuttle per trip is $20. In addition, we cannot guarantee that we will have space for you as there are a limited number of vans and drivers that we have access to.

What if I am at the airport and I did not reserve a space, pay or schedule a shuttle but I need a ride, can I still "walk on"?

  • In this case, we will certainly offer you a ride back to campus as long as your admittance does not hinder that of a student who reserved a space.

Will I need to pay as I "walk on"? If so, how?

  • Yes. Your driver will take your information and then the shuttle director will email you providing you with the instructions you need for paying. If you do not pay by the end of the year, the fee will go on your student bill.