Advice from Current Students

As you prepare for life at Gordon, read some advice from current international and MK students to help with the transition!


"Immediately plug yourself into different organizations, especially the international clubs because it will help you get acquainted to people who have experienced the culture shocks and encountered similar things."

—Tongai Makoni '12, Zimbabwe

"BE HERE NOW. Engage fully in the moment and throw yourself into living your new life here at Gordon. Integrate yourself fully into the community and be prepared for the amazing new things God wants to show and teach you."

—Nathan Landis '15, U.S.A.
Lived in Kazakhstan

"Gordon is probably the safest community in which you can be in the United States, so don't be afraid! Put yourself out there and take this time to stretch your comfort zone."

—YeahRim Oh '15, South Korea
Lived in South Korea and U.S.A.

"It all depends on how much effort you want to put into in order to be part of Gordon College and in different social groups. Be active!"

 —Eunsung Peter Kang '15, South Korea
Lived in the Philippines

"Be prepared to be social and learn new cultural atmospheres and priorities. Come with an open and discerning mind."

—Timothy Campbell '12, U.S.A.
Lived in Netherlands, Austria and Russia

"Wherever you are, be fully present in it.  There are times when things will be different than the way you lived at home, and some things in American will be weird, and with the Internet, it is easy to get stuck in the past and miss out on what's happening now.  Make an effort to be fully present mentally, emotionally, and physically in whatever you are doing, whether it is in classes, chapel, friendships, or studying."

—Lauren Owen '12, U.S.A.
Lived in Taiwan

"Make sure you stay connected by bringing things from your country and your home. Don't be afraid to be different or admit if you have no idea what is going on."

—Jessica Hunkler '14, Switzerland and U.S.A.

"Electric outlets are 110v, not 220!"

—Jooyeol Daniel Kim '14, South Korea
Lived in the Philippines

"Find other international students you can talk to about what you are going through, because they understand and sometimes just talking about it helps!"

—Maya Bam '12, Ukraine

"Open up and make friends with people from various backgrounds!"

—WeRo Jung '12, South Korea
Lived in Russia

"Get plugged into a local church."

—Christopher Samuel '14, India

"Be prepared for the new culture! Take the opportunity to get to know the culture here and make friends here, especially amongst the ISO circle because you will never find such a diverse group anywhere! Be active in the diverse programs that Gordon has to offer. Apply for many different jobs on campus here to gain a wider experience as well."

—Seul Ko Esther Koo '12, South Korea
Lived in Singapore and Cambodia

"Please do participate in La Vida. It's awesome, period."

—Pyeongjae Peter Lee '15, South Korea
Lived in China

"Engage in the community you find yourself in and be open to new ideas and perspectives."

—Damilola Junaid '14, Nigeria
Lived in Niger Republic and England