16- to 18-year-old Program: Counselors In Training

The Counselor in Training program is an incredible opportunity for high school students ages 16–18 to gain leadership experience, volunteer in an adventure setting, and invest in middle school students. CITs typically have been Adventure Camp campers and/or Adirondack Leadership Program participants. They act as a positive role model for Adventure campers, assist with games and activities, and build relationships within their small groups. CIT training is required for three days in June, and they can volunteer for 2–4 weeks of the summer.

Counselor in Training Application Deadline: Friday February 20th, 2015

2015 CIT Training: TBA.

Counselor in Training Staff

La Vida Adventure Camp is committed to leadership development. We not only provide experiences for high school students to lead and serve, but we also ask them to process and learn from the experiences. A Counselor in Training Director will meet with them throughout the summer during daily debriefs, CIT breakfasts, or throughout the activity periods to guide them in their leadership development.