ADK Expeditions FAQs

REMINDER: Your safety is our utmost concern! In thirty-five years of ministry we have not had a problem with any issues listed below.

What is Meant by 'Challenge by Choice'?

  1. La Vida is for everyone. No experience or super physical strength is needed, just a desire for growth, adventure, and fun.
  2. La Vida has redefined success. It is not always dependent upon completion and is not based on comparison. All we ask is that you give every challenge your best effort.
  3. We believe in "The Power of Encouragement" to equip people and will not use nor allow the use of peer pressure to coerce people.

Other Questions:

  1. Are there snakes? There are very few snakes in the Adirondack's due to the cold climate, and no poisonous ones anywhere La Vida groups travel. In 20 years not one poisonous snake has been sighted.
  2. Are there ticks that give Lyme Disease? Infected ticks are concentrated on Long Island, along the lower Hudson Valley, and in the Capital District. There has never been a recorded case of Lyme Disease attributed to the Northern Adirondack's. 
  3. If I'm afraid of heights, do I have to rock climb or rappel? No, every activity is "Challenge by Choice." We encourage you to try everything, but you determine what you do and how far you go.
  4. Are there any showers? No, there is no running water. You may clean up in a stream, but soap (and shampoo on a rare occasion) can only be used 150 ft. away from any lake, river, or stream.
  5. Where will we sleep? Most nights you will have tents that are segregated by gender. Under some circumstances you will spend the night in a lean-to or under a group tarp. You carry or canoe all your gear as you travel to different campsites.
  6. Do I have to fast on the solo? No, remember it is "Challenge by Choice" but the majority of people do fast on their solo-unless they are diabetic, hypoglycemic, or have an eating disorder. We will prepare you, support you, and ask that you give it a try. Your Sherpas will be checking on you a few times a day. If a problem develops we will deal with it at that time. On an eight or nine day trip the solo is 24 hours long. The 10 and 12-day trips typically have 48-hour solos.
  7. What if I can't run 8 miles? La Vida's run is not a race. You may want to challenge yourself and run the whole way for your own personal record or you may run with a small group or a buddy. Many do not run the whole way, but run a little and then walk some. Again, all that we ask is that you do your best.
  8. If I hurt myself, who is qualified to help me? All Sherpas will be certified by the Wilderness Medical Associates at the Wilderness Advanced First Aid or Wilderness First Responder level. The DEC Rangers in the Adirondacks can also be called in for emergencies and there are phones posted at ranger stations throughout the park.
  9. Are there male and female counselors who can meet the potential personal gender needs of participants? Yes, each group has leaders, as well as one female and one male La Vida Sherpa. The average student leader ratio is 4 to 1.
Happy campers