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News, Conferences, and Calls for Papers

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1. Ammendment to ACE bylaws

2. ACE Sessions and Luncheon at ASSA Conference


1. Ammendment to ACE bylaws:

The executive committee has reccomended a change to the ACE bylaws. Pending a vote by the membership, the following text will be added:

VII. Dissolution

Should the Association dissolve, the following procedures will be used. Upon dissolution of this organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose.

To see the entire bylaws document, with the proposed change, click here.


2. ACE Sessions and Luncheon at ASSA conference in San Diego, CA.

The Association of Christian Economists will have two sessions at the ASSA meetings. Both are on Jan. 4 in the Manchester Grand Hyatt, Madeleine A.

The two sessions are:

10:15 Panel Discussion: The Case for Economic Growth: Where Does the Modern Debate Stand?

Stephen Smith (Gordon College) Moderator
Benjamin M. Friedman (Harvard University)
Robert Nelson (University of Maryland-College Park)
Paul Glewwe (University of Minnesota and Oxford University)
Edd S. Noell (Westmont College)


2:30 Varieties of Natural Law Economics

Presiding: Paul Oslington (Australian Catholic University)

Andy Yuengert (Pepperdine University) "Economic Theory in Light of the Aristotelian Tradition"

Mary Hirschfeld (Villanova University) "Economics and Thomas Aquinas"

Paul Oslington (Australian Catholic University) "Natural Law Theory for Economists: Finnis and Lonergan"

Discussant: Jennifer Morse (Ruth Institute)


Our annual fellowship luncheon and membership meeting will take place between these two sessions at 12:15 in the Manchester Grand Hyatt, Annie A & B. As in the past, we will enjoy some time of fellowship and also have our annual business meeting. We expect to be able to introduce new officers at this meeting, and get a chance to thank our outgoing officers.

In order to get a sense of attendance, We ask that you please let the secretary-treasurer know by November 16 whether or not you plan to attend the luncheon.

As a test of Survey Monkey as a voting platform (for upcoming officer elections), please follow this link to indicate your attendance at the luncheon: Survey.

In order to offset the cost of the luncheon, I ask that those of you who plan to attend and are able to contribute to please donate $50 to the Association, either through our PayPal account, or via check made out to ACE and sent to the Secretary-Treasurer. Paypal and contact information available here.

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Updated 30 October 2012