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ACE Working Papers Guidelines

For several years informal discussion within ACE considered how the Association might best promote the publication of excellent Christian economic scholarship, since there are relatively few organs for such work. ACE has initiated a formal series of working papers in order to promote scholarship, encourage academic discussion within ACE, expand the circulation of works-in-progress beyond our own membership, and ultimately move papers into the established professional journals.

Acceptance for the series is not automatic. Papers should be submitted electronically to the editor:

Kurt C. Schaefer, Series editor
ACE Working Papers Series
Calvin College
1740 Knollcrest Circle S.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49546-4403
Phone: 616-526-6298
Fax: 616-526-8410
E-mail: click here

(Paper versions are acceptable if no other option is available.) Papers should include an abstract of about 75 words, and should be consistent with a standard style format with numbered equations. Please include a cover letter which 1) acknowledges that submission involves no copyright infringement and 2) briefly indicates why the paper is of interest to Christian economists. (Bibliographic materials and book-length manuscripts are referred to the editors of the relevant sections of Faith and Economics.) Papers that openly contradict the ACE Basis of Faith are not acceptable. The series does not exclude, a priori, papers by non-Christians or non-economists; all submissions will be judged on their economic scholarship as described above.

Title, author name, and abstract of accepted papers will be listed on this ACE website, with a link to an on-line full text version of the paper in Adobe Acrobat format. Written responses received by the editor will be forwarded to the author.


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Updated 29 July 2010