Life & Conduct

Gordon College is a Christian community, distinguished from other Christian communities by its primary commitment to provide a liberal arts education. As a Christian community it seeks to maintain itself by fostering those ideals and standards that are consistent with a Christian worldview. These ideals and standards are broadly moral; they would be characteristic of any community that was self-consciously Christian. This document is an attempt to specify those ideals and standards.

Given an atmosphere of free inquiry on a college campus, it is not surprising that the legitimacy of certain standards has traditionally been discussed, debated and argued. Nor is it surprising that such debate is more intense in these days when the orientation of our society is toward freedom and self-determination. Nonetheless, the demands of community life require some mutual understandings, and neither the difficulty of the task nor the imperfection of the end result should deter us from attempting to establish reasonable, viable expectations. A Christian approach to life and conduct seeks to promote freedom without becoming antinomian and to promote responsibility without becoming legalistic. Historically, it has always been difficult to embrace at the same time both the need for rules and the role of individual freedom under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Nonetheless, this, we believe, is the biblical model, and so the course we have chosen. This statement of life and conduct at Gordon College sets forth (1) those assumptions and principles which should guide the conduct of responsible Christians and (2) the specific rules and regulations which seem most likely to require explicit statement in a community such as Gordon College.

This Statement on Life and Conduct at Gordon College seeks to set forth: 

  1. Assumptions and Principles: Basic Assumptions—Gordon College strives to maintain its identity as a Christian academic community of students, faculty and staff.
  2. Behavioral Standards: In light of the above assumptions and biblical principles of Christian conduct, the specific expectations which follow are established for students, faculty and staff of Gordon College.